Clio Area Schools celebrates retiring Trustee

Clio Area Schools celebrates retiring Trustee

People packed into the Clio School Board meeting to say thanks, to a trustee who's spent nearly 30 years serving.

Henry Hatter's final meeting wrapped up.

A plaque from state leaders recognizes the man who's spent decades serving his community and its students.

“Whether it's an athletic event, an academic honor site, if we invite Henry he does everything he can to be there,” said a community member.

If you live in Clio chances are you've heard about Henry Hatter. The students are what's kept him coming back year after year.

“Our kids are inspiring enthusiastic and they're capable of following directions and achieving goals,” Henry said.

Henry's seen the highs and lows. He's helped set up college scholarships, and grieved with the community last October. When five students were charged with murder after throwing a rock over an I-75 overpass, killing a man driving below.

“We were all as board members hurt by that but we still hold the district accountable and we still support our kids,” he said.

According to the latest data from the state, more than 90 percent of Clio's students are white. Even still Henry says promoting diversity is something he's proud of.

“What I found out is we have a lot of black kids, who come here they get on the honor roll and graduating with honors and we've been waiting for that to happen for many years,” he said.

And as Henry leaves his last meeting with a standing ovation, he still insists his decades of service are all for the kids, and leaving Clio a little better than how he found it.

“Thank you for the memories,” he said.

Clio's school board meeting room is also now named after Henry.

He plans to stick around Clio schools after retirement.

You'll catch him raising money for scholarships and still supporting his community.

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