CMU student makes 3-D hand for 8 year old boy

Michael Bell has a rare disorder and was born without a left hand, but CMU Sophomore Austin Brittain changed that for him by making him a 3-D hand. (Photo credit: Central Michigan University)

Austin Brittain is a sophomore at Central Michigan University, studying Mechanical Engineering and Technology.

He's always loved working with his hands to create fun and interesting things.

But Austin never imagined one of his creations would be life changing.

He was asked to make a 3-D print hand by his professor last year.

It was for 8 year old Michael Bell, who was born with a rare disorder and has no left hand.

Over the course of a few months, Brittain created a fully- functional hand, even decorated it in the form of Bell's favorite superhero, Captain America.

Brittain says when Bell put the hand on, not only did he like it but he immediately started putting it to use.

"He was pretty happy, one of the first things he did was he put his arm up in the air like he was Captain America" said Brittain. "(He) started picking stuff up and just using it like he had been using it forever, it was great."

According to CMU's website, the hand contained less than $10 worth of plastic.

It cost less than $100 to make.

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