CMU students return to campus after deadly shooting incident

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It was the first day back to class after spring break for students at Central Michigan University.

It was also the first day back since police say a student shot and killed his parents, in a dorm room.

Students say they are trying to get back to normal. Meanwhile, police look for ways to make the campus safer.

"It’s different, it's a different atmosphere," says student Joseph Powers.

The students are slowly getting back to normal after the shooting on campus. Although no students were injured, many on campus are still reflecting on what happened.

"It's sad and tragic but hopefully we come together as a community and become stronger and support the people who need the help the most,” says Powers.

"You don't really think about like these types of incidents happening on your own campus ground until it happens,” says student Skyler Peggie.

Lt. Cameron Wassman with CMU police says the university is also looking back, as it works to move forward.

"The University as a whole has began to you know take a look at things whether they be procedures or various physical security elements that are in place taking a look at what went well and what things might need some attention,” says Lt. Wassman.

He says from a police standpoint things went according to how they were trained, and students we spoke with appreciate the university's response.

"They've been keeping us updated even while we were gone I've been getting emails and phone calls and everything letting us know what they're going to do and what happened,” says Lt. Wassman.

"President Ross definitely sent out a bunch of emails and all that," says Skyler Peggie.

"I think they did a really good job and really communicated well with the students,” says Joseph Powers.

Lt.. Wassman says there's still a lot discussion to be had, one immediate topic, building access.

"More widespread electronic access control is one of the things that the university is discussing especially in light of the incident on Friday,” says Wassman.

The University has extended its counseling center hours and services to include therapy dogs and group therapy sessions.

University alumni also stepping in offering both financial donations and support to the students.

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