Community Health Network gets 1 million dollar grant to help Flint's north end

For years the north end of Flint has struggled to stay safe, but now help is coming soon.

Hamilton Community Health Network received a one million dollar federal grant from the Justice Department to revitalize that part of the city.

People on the north end describe life here like a fight to survive.

The Outreach Coordinator for Greater Holy Temple says the grant is a new light of hope.

Annette Eads knows the challenges of living on Flint's north end all too well.

“My vehicle was burglarized it was a regular thing for me to have my car doors wide open and that's scary and knowing I have a family that's just steps away it was scary,” she said.

She's since moved just outside the city, but still sees people who don't feel safe in their own neighborhood.

“It's like a fight to the end whatever they have to do and you can't take offense to it, because they're trying to make sure their family has what they need to go about their daily routine,” she said.

Now help will arrive soon. Hamilton Community Health Network, along with other partners, are planning how to use a one-million-dollar grant to revitalize Flint's north end, specifically focusing on reducing crime.

“We will be working with other law enforcement that's going to be a critical part of this grant and identifying those hot spots where you may have a high rate of crime and the residents of the area don't feel safe,” Clarence Pierce said.

Their end goal: having a healthy and thriving community.

“Any time you have crime and violence in the community it somehow gets back to the health of the community,” Clarence said.

Right now the partners are targeting about a four mile area from Pierson to Carpenter roads.

They will spend about a year planning, and then hope to start implementing changes.

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