Cook Elementary students sell lemonade for project teaching economics

Cook Elementary students sell lemonade for project teaching economics

Some Cook Elementary School students in Grand Blanc Township are getting a sweet economics lesson.

Two classes put together a lemonade stand.

These students are so enthusiastic.

They're making sure supplies are stocked and they have enough change to give out.

It comes down to purpose based learning which combines all curriculum areas through one project.

The sweet taste of lemonade to quench your thirst. On a hot May day there's nothing like it.

And these first and second graders like Sophia Margiritis-Smith know how to use that to turn a profit.

“For weeks we've been planning to do lemonade, Koolaid, popcorn bracelets,” she said.

A couple classrooms worked together to come up with the idea. But student Sloan Waxweiler says they never predicted this.

“Everyone was grabbing saying I want this I want that I was like please lunch teachers make them get in a line everyone was grabbing bracelets handing money some ran away without their money and I’m like oh your change?” she said.

Parents like Angela Margiritis-Smith know these kids are smart. But their success is still impressive.

“This is off 50 cent lemonades, 50 cent bracelets and popcorn hands just selling the three one day they raised 200 dollars it was incredible,” she said.

Teacher Ann Huber says it's not all fun and games.

“They're learning supply and demand and they're learning to do it themselves so they can sell it for a profit. They understand profit because what they're selling they had to pay back the change and pay back the cost of the items,” she said.

And when the kids finish the fundraiser they'll remember just how sweet that glass of lemonade is.

“We all got to work together, how fun it was how much money we raised,” Sophia said.

The students hope to raise 400 dollars with this project.

The money is going to an outdoor learning center by their classroom.

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