Covenant HealthCare celebrates 20 years

Covenant HealthCare turns 20. (Covenant)

Covenant HealthCare is younger than it looks.

The 132-year-old hospital celebrated its 20th birthday Thursday.

It was two decades ago when two well-known Saginaw hospitals became one.

“I was a brand-new nurse,” Stacy Klump, the current director of medical surgical services, said. “Started January of 1997 for Saint Luke’s.”

A little more than a year after Klump started, Saint Luke’s merged with Saginaw General forming Covenant.

“Of course, any time you put two hospitals together, they have different policies and different strategies and ways of thinking,” she said. “We had great leaders at the time, who were able to merge that and make the best of both worlds.”

From advancing in technology to making improvements to the buildings, Klump said says she’s watched the hospital grow in so many ways.

She also said she has grown along with it, starting off as a fresh nurse out of college and moving up the ladder to earn herself a director position.

No matter what title she holds, she said she knows this is where she’s meant to be.

Covenant isn’t just home for her, but officials said it’s also home to 4800 other employees and about 500 physicians.

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