Finance Department at Covenant Healthcare "grow" awareness during No Shave November

Men in the finance department at Covenant Healthcare grow beards in awareness to men's health issues ( Photo: Courtney Wheaton.)

SAGINAW, Mich-- Beards. Some thick, some thin, some not quite grown in.

Financial Director at Covenant Healthcare in Saginaw, Matt Nobis says for last three years men in the finance department have participated in No Shave November.

Growing beards of all shapes and sizes all for one cause.

"It's really a very visible reminder to raise awareness to certain health conditions, really prostate cancer," said Nobis.

Last year, the group raised more than $2,000 dollars. Each man donates $50 and fund raises, next the funds are sent to Covenant's Cancer Care fund where it can be used for research.

Sandy Johnson is the Clinical Manager of the Covenant Cancer Care Center and says the initiative encourages men to put their health first.

"Males in general, it's usually their wives that take them to get checked out. Men are sometimes not as proactive in their screenings," said Johnson.

Some things experts say men should look out for include mental health issues, testicular and prostate cancer.

"There's a lot of different guide lines when it comes to prostate cancer, generally you're at average risk at 50," said Johnson.

Facts like these make it clear why these guys are passionate about growing awareness.

"We are encouraging people to see their physicians and get the screenings that are recommended and we encourage early detection of those types of conditions," said Nobis.

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