Curriculum says you can be a boy, girl, or both

Update: June 13th, 8:55 a.m.

Over the weekend, this story lit up the NBC25 Facebook page with comments.

Brittany Reger-Bucy says, "That should be out of the schools. They can't teach about God but they'll teach about something like that?? I'd be furious!"

Michael Moore states, "Wow once again I am reminded of the ignorance of that which is mid-michigan. Why can they not teach about transgenderism? All of you here are basically saying "let's not teach about diversity or tolerance in schools!" - I can't believe this. I am not transgender but I can't imagine the pain of being bullied by society each day because of who you are. People, when will you learn tolerance and love? Sigh*"

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A website says there's a transgender agenda in certain public schools. says "gender coaches" are teaching children in California that sometimes you can feel like a boy and sometimes you can feel like a girl, or both.

Supporters of the curriculum say it is an anti-bullying campaign. They say it more clearly defines the idea of gender.

Opponents say it is indoctrination of other agendas and that it confuses children about gender.

What do you think? Watch the videos and leave your comments below.

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