Democrats asking for Gov. Snyder documents related to Legionnaires’ disease

Governor Rick Snyder (Credit: Office of Governor Rick Snyder/Creative Commons)

WASHINGTON - Ranking Member of the House Committee on Oversite and Government Reform sent a letter requesting Gov. Rick Snyder to submit documents relating to the Flint Water crisis including all document s relating to when Snyder become aware of concerns relating to Legionnaires’ disease.

Congressman Dan Kildee releases the following statement:

Restoring trust for Flint families starts with getting the whole truth. Until Flint families get the whole truth from the Governor, they are right to be skeptical of state government officials who created this crisis.
It is important for the Oversight Committee to continue its pursuit of the truth for Flint families.

Governor Snyder's office sent the following statement regarding the request:

The Governor’s Office complied fully and provided the committee with hundreds of thousands of pages of documents at its request, and the committee completed its work on the matter last term.
Our focus remains on continuing Flint’s full recovery with funding for pipe replacement and health care for residents. It’s not productive to spend time engaging in partisan political attacks from out of state politicians.


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