Dermatologist says certain makeup ingredients may cause cancer

This website allows you to see what potentially harmful products may be in your makeup.

What is in the mirror matters, That is why Emily, Donna and Rachel feel makeup is a must.

"I wear it everyday. I don't bother to take it off, said Rachel Hillacker.

"You want to look appealing. I think it TMs definitely important to look nice, said Donna Williams.

According to the Chemist Corner website , worldwide sales topped 170 billion dollars a year, but doctors warn, what may be pretty on the outside could become ugly inside.

"It goes with the outfit but hopefully it TMs not dangerous, said Donna, as she touched up her lip gloss.

Research suggests some makeup can be toxic, cause pregnancy problems and even cancer. On EWG's Skin Deep website you can enter the brands you use and rate just how hazardous your makeup may be.

The three girls emptied their makeup bags and put their products to the test. Emily TMs Almay powder faired ok.

"This one isn TMt so bad, definitely lower that the foundation liquid," said Emily.

The rating system is simple. Ten is considered the most hazardous, and one leaves experts least concerned. Donna struck a 7 with her MAC eye shadow. The web site indicating high levels of developmental reproductively.

"Oh my gosh. That's pretty, yea, overall hazard is past moderate. That's scary wow," said Donna.

We asked doctors at the Silverton Skin Institute in Grand Blanc, if what is online can really be trusted. Dr. Kimball Silverton said the web sites information comes from many different sources. Well they aren TMt using the one single source. They are using information from the CDC about retinol and they TMre using the information they got from the American Cancer Society about retinol. They TMre taking all that and saying retinol is associated with all this according to these 200 respected companies," explained Dr. Silverton.

As for EWG TMs suggestions that some makeup ingredients are linked to cancer, allergies or even reproductive problems, the doctors say that is up for debate.

"We all know that it is true, said Dr. Silverton. But Dr. Vienna Lowenbrau interrupted and said, that's kind of misleading the consumer, yes it has birth defects, but that's associated with oral not topical."

Part of the issue argues Dr. Lowenbrau is that while some ingredients are dangerous when ingested, there is not much research about the effects of applying those same ingredients.

So Dr. Silverton sternly asks the other doctors at his office, do we suggest for them to be using it? It's a yes or no."

All the doctors basically agreed that makeup used repeatedly over time, can possibly cause long term issues. They urge one key phrase to use it in moderation. You can watch their full discussion on this topic in the video boxes below.

Meanwhile, it is disappointing knowledge for the girls. But advice they'll keep in mind, looking at the ingredient label, before looking in the mirror.

How do you feel about this information? Will you stop using these products? Let us know in the comments below or on the NBC25 Facebook page.

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