Dishwasher Danger: Is yours safe?

Whirlpool alleges no serious injury has been caused by their dishwashers.

Greg Adams is an army man. He built his life around routine, every night after dinner, the Adams start the dishwasher then watch the evening news. December 18, 20011 changed their life forever.

Adams sa
id he began to smell burning plastic coming from his kitchen. Then he saw smoke coming from his dishwasher. To stop the cycle, he grabbed the handle, but said he burned his hand on the blistering hot front panel.

"What do you do, how do you stop something that's arching and burning and flaming inside while it's still running, asked Adams."

In a panic, Adams raced to shut off the power supply to the dishwasher. He managed to save his wife and his home.

Research suggests more than 600 people across the country have come forward on, and they all have one thing in common, their products were manufactured by whirlpool, which produces Kitchenaid, Sears Kenmore, Maytag and Whirlpool dishwashers.

Chuck Fax, Adams lawyer argues whirlpool has a product defect in their dishwasher design that can cause the control circuit board to fail. That is what Adams alleges happened to him.

Fax wants Whirlpool to issue a recall to fix and eliminate the alleged design defect. and filed a class action lawsuit with 13 names including Greg Adams.

"We have found only a few dishwashers out of 24 million manufactured where the safety features did not contain the heat damage inside the unit. in those few instances, minor heat damage occurred on the outside of the dishwasher, " said Cynthia Soledad from the Whirlpool Corporation.

Whirlpool alleges no serious injury has been caused by their dishwashers.

For more information contact U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
or Whirlpool.

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