Donated cruisers, vests will be heading to Flint Police Department soon

An anonymous donor if purchasing 41 new cruisers, and 115 ballistic vests, for the Flint Police Department. (Photo Credit: Drew Moore/WSMH)

Not much is known about the anonymous donor who is providing the Flint Police Department with 41 new cruisers, and 110 new custom bulletproof vests. Flint Police Foundation Executive Director Max Chiddister says the man is a big supporter of police.

“He’s very humble and genuine. He doesn’t want any recognition from what he is doing. He just has a concern for the wellbeing of police officers,” Chiddister says.

He says the man has no ties to the Flint community and there aren’t any conditions attached to the donation. Flint Police Deputy Chief Devon Bernritter says the donation couldn’t have come at a better time.

“We can’t in good conscience put our officers in harm’s way with ballistic vests that are expired. That’s exactly what was about to happen in February. We didn’t have any money in the budget to replace them. The cruisers we have now are on average seven years old, and have over 100,000 miles. They are overdue to be replaced. This is a tremendous blessing for the department,” Bernritter says.

Officers will start getting fitted for the vests in December. Bernritter expects that the vests to be at the department by January, with the new cruisers coming in February.

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