Donations of water coming in by the truck load to Flint schools

Chad Luce helped organize a donation of 33,000 bottles of water for Flint schools

It's one of the largest donations of water to students in Flint schools to date. 20 pallets of water, each holding 60 cases of water, totaling 33,000 bottles were dropping off at the schools warehouse Saturday morning. Chad Luce organized the donations along with Ice Mountain Water and Nestle, and drove the donation from Grand Rapids.

"I couldn't believe it when I heard the students couldn't drink the water. I just figured we're all blessed with talents, and I might as well use them to help the community," Luce says.

Flint Community Schools Director of Shared Services Tony Sitko says the outpouring of support for the students is incredible.

"We are meeting the needs of the kids thanks to donations like this. So far, 112 pallets of water and over 5,500 cases have been dropped off at this location. That doesn't include what has been donated directly to the neighborhood schools. It's been an incredible response to the problem," Sitko says.

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