Faces of Flint: 'We are in prison, being poisoned'

Faces of Flint: Joy Jones tells her Flint water crisis story (Mike Horne/NBC25 News)

FLINT, Mich. (WEYI) -- Joy Jones has lived in Flint her entire life.

She was happy when she chose her home, know it would be great for her and her two children.

Then she found out about the lead in the water.


"We're in prison being poisoned with absolutely no idea when we get to leave," Jones said.

Jones is one of thousands of Flint residents suffering form a contaminated water supply.

She said she bathes her two youngest children in the kitchen sink with three gallons of bottled water for each of them -- afraid to even let them in the bathroom for fear they play with the faucet.

She struggles to raise her two children while living in a city in crisis.

Watch as Chief Photojournalist Mike Horne brings you Jones's story in the video above.

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