Family thanks strangers who saved their loved one from burning car

After Malcolm Payne was pulled out of the truck, it burst into flames. (Photo credit: Redeana Beach Jacovitch)

If you saw a car smoking on the side of the expressway, would you pull over to help?

On Tuesday, a Standish mother-daughter duo did just that.

"It was very scary, very scary,” Johnna Dalton said.

Johnna was driving on I-75 with her mom Tuesday evening, when suddenly, cars started slowing down because of an accident.

“There was a truck in the ditch with smoke coming out like crazy,” she said. “The guy was still sitting in his truck. We knew had to do something."

The guy inside the truck was 61-year-old Malcolm Payne of Mt. Morris.

He has a prosthetic leg and was diagnosed with diabetes 17 years ago.

Officials said his medical condition led to the accident and was part of why he couldn't move.

"His memory is kind of foggy,” Malcom’s daughter said. “He said, ‘I just remember a woman saying get out, get out and I couldn't do anything.’"

Johnna said after they pulled him out of the truck, it burst into flames.

"If I would have lost him, I would have celebrated the mourning of my father’s death. as well as father day,” his daughter said.

But thanks to some strangers, the Payne family will be able to celebrate Malcolm this Sunday and they said they couldn't be more grateful.

Johnna, the girl who helped to save him, said she was in an accident a couple years ago and someone stopped for her.

That is the reason why she didn’t think twice when it came to helping someone else.

The Payne’s said Malcolm is doing OK.

They said he went to the doctor’s and still isn’t 100 percent himself.

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