FAST Start update: 15,031 pipes excavated in Flint

    Flint Mayor Karen Weaver's water service line replacement program called 'Fast Start' is behind schedule. Only one of four contractors is on pace to finish contract on time. (Photo Credit: Drew Moore/WSMH)<p>{/p}

    FLINT, Mich. --A total of 15,031 pipes have been excavated at homes in Flint, according to a press release from Flint Mayor Karen Weaver’s office.

    Overall, to date, service lines to 7,233 homes have been identified as lead and/or galvanized and have been replaced, including 1,005 homes found this year.

    The efforts are a part of Mayor Karen Weaver’s plan to determine if water service lines are made of copper, and replace service lines made of lead and galvanized steel.

    Mayor Weaver is determined to restore safe, clean drinking water to Flint residents.

    The goal is to have all of Flint’s lead-tainted service lines replaced by 2020.

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