Federal judge hears arguments to dismiss Flint water crisis class action lawsuit

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver responds to the State of Michigan over concerns with the water treatment system. (Photo Credit: Drew Moore/WSMH)

The Flint water crisis class action lawsuit was back before a federal judge in Ann Arbor.

The attorney's representing the city, state and several government officials filed 10 motions to dismiss the case citing government immunity and lack of evidence.

It was standing room only as Judge Levy heard each argument to dismiss one by one. The judge was greeted by several flint residents hoping their presence might impact her decision.

The lawsuit seeking monetary compensation for health and property damages from water crisis.

Flint residents say state and city governments, Governor Snyder and former Flint emergency managers amongst others should be held accountable.

Attorneys for Flint residents arguing that the state violated people’s constitutional rights including equal protection when it came to switching to a new water source that could potentially be harmful and failing to go back.

Also a violation of bodily integrity by exposing residents to lead tainted water.

The suit says Flint was treated differently because the residents are predominately African American and low income.

The defense arguing that there are some inconsistencies, and that not all defendants are responsible for every claim in the suit.

No final decision was made today. Judge levy says she needs more time to review the motions and then she’ll issue a written decision.

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