Firefighters battle both a blaze and the cold at house fire in Saginaw

Firefighters with the Saginaw Fire Department battle a blaze at a home in Saginaw on Tuesday. (Photo Credit: Drew Moore/WEYI)

The Saginaw Fire Department was called to the 600 block of Thurman Street this evening to battle a house fire. When crews arrived, flames were shooting through the window on the second story of the home. Two people that were inside of the home at the time evacuated before crews arrived, and weren’t harmed. Saginaw Fire Department Battalion Chief Gregory Simmons says the near-zero temperatures make battling a fire much more difficult.

“Just trying to drag everything through the snow making sure you don’t step in an unknown hole. We could slip on ice, trip on a snowbank, there’s a lot of issues that come up. The snow makes everything go slower. At a time when we want to go faster, and the people want us to go faster, we must slow down to be safe. I need to make sure my people go home at the end of the night,” Simmons says.

No word yet on what caused the fire. The second story of the home sustained serious fire damage, the first floor suffered smoke and water damage.

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