Flint breaks homicide record

621 W. Ridgeway, where Tim Baker was shot and killed tying the city's previous 1986 record of 61 homicides / Mike Horne

The City of Flint has broken its previous number of homicides in one year's time.

It's an infamous number, 62, one more than the the previous number of 61 in 1986.

Monday morning Flint Police find a black man inside an Oldsmobile on Donald Street near Harriet.

He marks the 62nd homicide in 2010, more than any year in flint's history.

"This has been a long and difficult year for us," says Flint Mayor Dayne Walling.

Sunday night, police responded to the 61st homicide.

Bullet holes can be seen on the front door at 621 West Ridgeway. The victim's brother says he was inside playing Playstation when people came by and started shooting.

Three people were shot inside. One of the victims, Tim Baker, died. One is in critical. The other is in fair condition.

After a chase, police arrested three people in connection to the shooting.

The victim's brother, Willie Davis says, "There aren't any jobs. Everybody is robbing and killing because of the poverty. When it comes close to the holidays, you know you're going to have murders because they want to do something for their kids, and they can't."

The victim's sister, Trameka Davis says, "This system in Flint is so open for a young kid to get into so much stuff, and there's no help from the mayor. He's laying off the police. He's laying off the fire department. There's no help."

Some believe fewer officers leads to higher crime.

In 1986 there were 300 police officers and 61 homicides.

In 2010, there are 142 sworn officers and 62 homicides to date.

Flint Police Chief Alvern Lock says there is no connection based on the numbers.

"If that was a direct connection, then we should be double," says Lock.

"It would have taken an officer in every living room to prevent these crimes from taking place," says Walling.

The mayor says the population hasn't dropped as much as people think. He says it's down about 10% since 1986.

The mayor says he's doing all he can by spending 71% of the city's budget on public safety and trying to bring in opportunities for jobs and recreation.

The mayor and the police chief are meeting with Flint City Council Monday night to talk about a possible public safety millage to help curb crime.

The mayor paid for a bouquet of flowers that stands in the lobby at city hall honoring each homicide victim.

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