Flint city council’s new plan may not be enough to satisfy federal judge’s order

Flint City Council approves a two year contract with the Great Lakes Water Authority for water service. (Photo Credit: Drew Moore/WSMH)

A federal judge decided to step in and force members of the Flint City Council to either vote on a permanent and backup water source for the city. After nearly seven hours of conversation and debate, council members believe they’ve given the judge what was ordered. Councilman Herbert Winfrey submitted a resolution, which the council approved, to ask the Great Lakes Water Authority for a two-year service extension on October 31, 2019. Up until this point the GLWA has extended water service to the city in 30-day intervals but has denied any request for a contract less than 30 years in length. The 20-year contract stands for all GLWA customers. Winfrey says he hopes his proposal will show the judge that he is attempting to comply with the order.

“I respect the judge and what he’s doing. But I’m not going to be forced to sign a contract that I really don’t think is in the best interests of the people. We still have more work to do as a council, and we’ll continue to do that. If it turns out the judge wants to call us down there, then we’ll go,” Winfrey says.

Council also delayed a vote on Weaver’s original plan. The first chance the Great Lakes Water Authority will have to consider council’s proposal is later this week.


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