Flint home ransacked, thief leaves something behind

    A Flint home was ransacked, but the thief left something behind. (Jesse Gonzales)

    A Flint home was ransacked Monday, but whoever did this left something of their own behind.

    The homeowner Jennifer Alexander said the thief or thieves took everything from a flat-screen TV to a gaming system and even food.

    "It [the freezer] was full of hamburger and chicken,” she said.

    Alexander said many of these things can be replaced, but some can’t.

    That includes her grandmother’s ring and a strand of beads.

    "My son had surgery at six weeks old at U of M and they gave us a string of ‘hope beads’ and that was a milestone for us,” she said. “We didn't know if he was going to make it or not."

    When Alexander came home, she said the garage was open and the screen door too, but she didn’t think they got inside until she saw the window was open.

    She said whoever did this used her son’s wheelchair to step on and get inside their home.

    "My 7-year-old is autistic and he told me he wouldn't sleep in that bed because they used that bed to get into his house,” she said.

    Her husband James said he wants whoever did this to see the people they stole from.

    "They didn't just steal from me and my wife,” he said. “They stole from my kids."

    James came inside the garage and looked around to see if anything was taken and noticed something that didn't belong.

    “I think something must've spooked them and they just left it and ran,” he said.

    They left a backpack and inside it is a partial name.

    Jennifer said they made a police report over the phone, but no one from the Flint Police Department has come to her home.

    They still have the backpack in their possession and while they said they fear that backpack may have been stolen from a previous job, they're hopeful it will bring them some answers.

    Police said they cannot comment on an ongoing investigation.

    If you know something, you’re asked to contact them.

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