Water filters in Flint may not be able to handle lead levels

Photo: CNN / MGN Online

Flint residents are being warned that water samples from more than two dozen city locations have higher lead levels than filters can handle and that further tests are recommended.

Dr. Nicole Lurie of the Department of Health and Human Services said the lead level in some Flint locations has exceeded 150 parts per billion, which is the level for which water filters are graded. She said people with levels over 150 ppb are being notified and their water being retested.

The water was tested by officials before it got to a filter, and she stressed that the results do not mean officials think there's a problem with the filters.

Flint residents have been told to drink only filtered or bottled water because of lead contamination in the city's supply. County health officials had declared a public health emergency Oct. 1, and the next day Gov. Rick Snyder announced $1 million for home water filters.

Gov. Rick Snyder today issued the following statement urging the people of Flint to get their water tested:

"It is essential that all Flint residents have the water in their homes tested as soon as possible. Please make it a priority for your family and encourage your friends and neighbors to obtain testing kits as well. The kits are available free of charge at the water resource sites within Flint fire stations."

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