Flint man snow blows to help community


A Flint man wakes up early every time it snows to clear a path for people in need.

He says it's all to make sure they're safe walking down the sidewalk.

Barron Woods starts his day with his dog as his alarm clock and a pot of coffee.

Regardless of mother nature, he's outside snow blowing a path for those heading to the North End Soup Kitchen.

If you've walked down Crisman Street and East Stewart Avenue in Flint on a snowy day sometime in the past six years, chances are you've seen the sidewalk clear of snow.

It's all thanks to this guy.

“I go up the street here and do what I can,” Barron said.

Barron Woods lives close by. And every time mother nature's relentless, Barron responds with his snow blower and shovel before most of us are even awake.

“It's cold we can only stay out so long and I'm human of course I'm not a robot I'm able to dress up and layer up and stay out the duration of the day,” he said.

One minute turns into an hour, which turns into most of his day spent outside for those headed to the North End Soup Kitchen.

“You see it all the time people walking in the road and just a part of me, my heart goes out to them want to give them a safe passage do what I can to help the community,” Barron said.

He doesn't do it for money, and doesn't even want donations. Barron just wants to serve as an inspiration.

“I'm going to keep doing what I do to inspire others to do better in their lives,” he said.

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