Flint man wins whole-house water filtration system

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    FLINT, Mich. -- A Flint man says he doesn't trust the water coming out of his faucet.

    He won't drink it, so he's thrilled to win a whole-house water filtration system.

    Although recent tests show Flint's water is improving, that's not enough for retired autoworker Ralph Hardy.

    Ralph Hardy says, "I’m truly afraid to even bathe in this water. I don't drink it. I don't brush my teeth in it.

    Ralph does his own in-home water test. He takes a glass of Flint tap water and the red light goes on.

    He tries it with a glass of bottled water: no light.

    Ralph says, "I just don't feel safe with the way it is right now."

    He recently entered a contest to win a $3,000 water filtration system and he won.

    Ralph says, "it filtrates the water throughout the whole house, at the point of entry, and it's supposed to take care of water in the whole house and I’m really excited to try it."

    The non-profit National Clean Water Collective and Wristponsible, is joining with Artistic Visions Enterprise and other groups to raise the money to allow Ralph to get the new system.

    Dewaun Robinson, Artistic Visions "this is our way of giving back. He didn't have to pay for anything, installation is free. And everything that comes with it, a walk-through, etc.

    Calvin McQueen with National Clean Water Collective says, "we're still going to be having all these events across the city,Invite people to come. Put their name in the hat and we go from there.”

    The group is raising money so that other Flint families can get water filtration systems in their homes. Similar giveaways are planned in the future.

    The new system should be installed over the next few weeks so that Ralph can safely drink his water.

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