Flint mayor declares state of emergency over water crisis

Mayor Karen Weaver declares state of emergency

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver has declared a state of emergency in the city due to the water crisis.

In the declaration, Weaver is asking the Genesee County Board of Commissioners to call a special meeting no later than the end of December to take action supporting the state of emergency.

Dr. Weaver is also calling for continued help from the state and federal government.

She says the water crisis was a man-made disaster caused by switching to Flint River water before the completion of the K.W.A. water pipeline.

The mayor says she is concerned about the health effects lead has made on children and other residents.

"So far what we've had is band aid fixes. We have the filter program, we have talked about diets for lead exposure, and don't get me wrong we want these things to continue. We need all of that but it's not enough," said Flint Mayor Karen Weaver at the city council meeting on Monday night.

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