December ranks as 5th snowiest in Flint


Flint received 0.5" of snowfall overnight making this December officially in the Top 5 for snowiest Decembers on record.

The snowfall gives us a monthly total of 22.5 inches of snow in Flint according to the National Weather Service.

This beats the old #5 spot of 22.2 inches of snow in 2005.

The area is on track to pick up another 0.5 to 1" of snowfall through Saturday night but this will likely fall shy of hitting the #4 spot.

The current Top 5 rankings are now:

  1. 35.3" of snow in 2000
  2. 29.1" of snow in 2008
  3. 27.7" of snow in 1929
  4. 24.9" of snow in 1951
  5. 22.5" of snow in 2017

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