Flint parent reacts to gun in school

    FLINT, Mich. - Shauneka Burnette of Flint is helping her 10-year-old son cope after his classmate allegedly brought a gun to school and threatened to shoot him on Thursday morning.

    The accused student was charged with carrying a concealed weapon, felonious assault, and having a gun in a gun-free zone.

    Burnette said the gun should have never been able to enter the school. She said her son asked, “What if he would’ve shot me? What if we would’ve gotten into another fight today, and he would’ve shot me.”

    The mother said her son and the other 10-year-old got into a fight on Monday at Eagle’s Nest Academy. The other student allegedly had a chilling message after the altercation.

    “The little boy threatened to kill my son and he says when he returns he’s going to bring something back to school.”

    Burnette contacted administrators about her concerns. She said the students were suspended for a day and returned Wednesday without any major issues. Thursday was a different story. She learned something was wrong when the school sent a text message about a lockdown at the building, located at West Pierson Road and Cloverlawn Drive.

    “I had no idea that it was this severe, but that was the first thing I thought. I hope it’s not what I’m thinking--what I tried to warn them about. And it was.

    A student had handed the gun over to a staff member without further incident.

    Burnette is looking for a new school for her fifth grader. She has a warning for parents.

    “Stay active in the school with your child. Pop up. See what’s going on. Talk to people.”

    Eagle’s Nest Academy is responding to the situation by having conversations with parents and students, according to note from school leadership.

    Administrators said the will distribute clear book bags on Monday that students would be required to use.

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