Flint Police investigate claims of fraud in mayor recall petition

Arthur Woodson, organizer behind the recall effort of Flint Mayor Karen Weaver, submitted petitions to Genesee County Clerk John Gleason. (Photo: WEYI/WSMH)

FLINT, Mich. – The Flint Police Department has reported it is investigating claims of alleged fraud during the recent recall effort against Mayor Karen Weaver.

According to Flint police, the city has received numerous complaints from citizens saying petitioners gave false reasons for the petition to citizens.

Police say multiple potential signers say they were given such petition reasons as a water pipe replacement grant, the legalization of marijuana, the recall of Governor Snyder, the recall of Donald Trump, and the reduction in water rates or other energy costs.

The department did say a petition concerning the legalization of marijuana was in legitimately in circulation at the time, but not for any of the other reasons given.

Some complained the petitioner would obscure the top of the page with the reason for the petition, instead pointing to the signature line and directing them to sign.

Flint police say this is in violation of the legal requirements for the collection of signatures in a recall process.

The law states those who collect signatures “through fraud, deceit or misrepresentation” are guilty of a misdemeanor.

Any resident who feels they may have signed the recall petition for any other reason is asked to call Detective Tyrone Booth at 810-237-6924.

The recall effort against Mayor Weaver was organized by Arthur Woodson, who reacted to news of the complaint with frustration.

"To stoop this low and think that somebody was misleading someone. Ain't nobody misled. Everybody that signed the petition wanted to sign. They can't wait to get Karen Weaver out of office," he said.

Woodson said he says he plans to go file a complaint of harassment by the city of Flint.

He says first there was a personal protection order against him and now this.

"Enough is Enough," added Woodson.

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