Flint residents avoiding the tap, drinking bottled water instead

"I don't know how it can be clean if it smells and tastes bad" says Senegal Williams.

He can't remember the flint water ever tasting this bad.

Now, he's turning to bottled water and avoiding the tap.

"It's not proper for people to drink this, if I can smell it?" he says.

"We hadn't had a problem with just buying water that's pretty much a luxury but now that it's a must, it hurts we have to have it" says his neighbor Angie Mayes.

The smell and taste have showed up slowly over the past 2 weeks as Flint switched from the Detroit river, to the Flint river.

Bad enough in some areas that people are avoiding using it for everything from drinking, to cooking, to even bathing.

"When I'm showering and bathing my skin feels different so the smell from the water and the showering kind of convinced me that the water is just not the same" says Angie.

"I know what hard water feels like against my skin, I have very sensitive skin, it feels wrong like hard water" says Flint resident Michael Mayes.

And if given a choice between Detroit supply and Flint river supply, they says they would choose the more expensive Detroit water.

"Detroit, you always want to pay more because of the quality you are getting" says Angie.

"I say everybody just stop running their water and buy water, see if they change" says Senegal.

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