Flint schools turn off the tap, only bottled water for students

Flint schools turn off the tap, only bottled water for students

The Flint Community School District's superintendent has given strict instructions to all teachers and staff that no kids should be drinking from the tap.

This comes after a study by a team of doctors at Hurley Medical Center showed high lead levels in local kids last week.

"They're children here, I even get a little bit teary eyed thinking about it, they're children here," said Bilal Kareem Tawwab, Superintendent, Flint Community Schools.

Monday donations of bottled water started pouring into the schools in Flint.

"I'm taking control over the part of the day I have control over, and that is the school day," said Tawwab. "I feel that as a district we're facing it, and we're doing what we need to do to protect the community's children."

While the superintendent, who is relatively new to the district, says he thinks they reacted quickly, Melissa Mays says she's already been skeptical and her son has been taking bottled water with him since last school year.

"It's terrifying. They have gym class, you know they're hot, they're sweaty, they're thirsty, the kids are, so you know so many kids just line up for the water fountain because it's an automatic thing. You're at school. You're supposed to be safe," said Melissa Mays, parent.

While it's a scary reality for Melissa, as a mother of a student in the district, she is thankful to see the bottles of water pour in.

Monday, 84 cases were donated by Home Depot, thanks to an executive for the company who is a proud Flint Central grad. But more donations are still needed.

"I need for everyone in the community to really wrap your arms around your community schools," said Tawwab.

The superintendent is hopeful the donations will continue as the district waits for the city to improve the water quality in Flint.

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