Flint start-up poised to go national

The owners of this building needed an inexpensive way to add walls, so they invented one. (Photo: WEYI/WSMH)

FLINT, MI - The owners of this building needed an inexpensive way to add walls, so they invented one.

Inventor, David Ollila says "As we were building out the Ferris Wheel which was seven stories 40,000 square feet, we found that the existing products in the marketplace for de-mountable walls were incredibly expensive".

It's called Divide by Design and it was started right here.

On Friday night, it will be sort of a "coming-out" party for Divide by Design.

It will play a big role at World's Greatest Office Party at the Dort Federal Event Center.

Company CEO Greg Ramfos says "They're having a full office party with thousands of people coming in and we built out in one day, 28 separate offices".

They use simple $36 doors, made out of glass and wood, that you could buy at Home Depot and fit them into aluminum posts to create the walls.

Just about anybody could set them up.

A company spokesman says their clients can save 50 to 60 percent off traditional walls.

Greg Ranpos "you don't need a contractor, you don't need an electrician, in many cases you don't even need a permit."

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They've also partnered with Landaal Packaging of Flint to create corrugated walls with an unlimited amount of design on them.

Steven Landaal says "You choose your office. You choose your panels and you put an order in and we digitally print them".

With offices in the Dryden building, they got funding from Skypoint Ventures and Phil Hagerman.

But now the company is growing.

Ollila says "we're also expanding to another location in Flint, so we can have warehousing, direct sales to consumers and contractors. We are ramping this company up very quickly "

All after a simple idea from Ollila.

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