Flint water filter giveaway starts today

Flint residents are lining up today to get their free water filters. Photo Credit: Jonathan Fratz/NBC25 News

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHSS) is giving away water filters to Flint residents starting today.

The giveaway will take place in four different locations.

People who are currently clients of the MDHHS can go to either 125 East Union Street or 4809 Clio Road in Flint.

Those who are not enrolled in MDHHS programs can go to the Genesee County Community Action Resource Department locations at either 2727 Lippincott or 601 North Saginaw in Flint.

The filters will be given away all week long from 9 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon at three of the locations. The Lippencott location will stay open until 7 pm on Thursday and Friday only.

This is all part of a program aimed at reducing lead in the water of homes in Flint.

Governor Rick Snyder spoke to NBC25 last night and said the issue is not with the water coming from the water plant, but rather an issue with the pipes leading into, or in, homes in Flint.

He declined to say if and when there will be improvements made to the pipes in the Flint water system.

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality has also setup a webpage about Flint water.

You can find that website right here: http://mi.gov/flintwater

The water filters last for 100 gallons, according to a Home Depot representative at the giveaway. When the filter is down to its last 20 gallons, a yellow light will come on. When it is time to change the filter, a red light comes on.

When the filter is first installed, it needs to be run for five minutes. The filter only works with cold water.

Residents with more questions about the water filters can now also use Central Michigan 2-1-1 to get more information. Residents can either call 2-1-1 or go to http://centralmichigan211.org/ for help.

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