Flint woman tests positive for lead, only drinks bottled water

    Testing for lead levels. Photo Credit: Malik Ali

    FLINT, Mich. (WEYI) -- LeKia Nolan has dedicated her time and money to help residents in Flint get clean drinking water.


    She wants to prevent more people from testing positive for lead in their bodies, the last person LeKia thought she had to worry about was herself.

    "I'm basically a healthy person," says Nolan.

    At least that's what Flint resident LeKia Nolan appeared to be until she received some shocking news recently after taking a test for lead.

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    "I had been exposed basically and it was a small amount but any exposure, from what I've read, is still not a good exposure," says Nolan.

    Nolan has been drinking bottled water since the fall of 2015 because of high levels of lead found in the city's water; she took the test on January 28.

    "I don't even drink the water, I do shower but I don't drink the water," Nolan says.

    But her story gets worse.

    "My mom has been exposed, my nephew has been exposed and he's 7," says Nolan. "So I'm really extra worried about him."

    Even though she hasn't consulted with her doctor yet, LeKia says she and her family are working to combat the lead in their systems with healthy eating habits and finding new options for bathing. But she has a message for Flint residents.

    "Please do yourself favor," Nolan says. "Get tested."

    LeKia says she'll continue to hand out bottles of water, filters and even body cleaning cloths to Flint residents while she works to get a clean bill of health.

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