Flint's Buckham Gallery moving to new home in the new year

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As the year wraps up and many of us are preparing for a fresh start, so is a long standing Flint art gallery.

Next month Buckham Gallery will move to a newly renovated space not too far from the current one.

The gallery has sat on West Second street for the past 34 and a half years featuring artist from all across the state.

On January 11th they'll close one set of doors, stepping just across the street to open another.

"Iconic and legendary", those are just two of the words Buckham Gallery Director Lynn Penning uses to describe the gallery.

"I think of us as independent in our thinking and approach to our gallery," says Penning.

The gallery has been in Downtown Flint since its opening and just like the city of Flint, it hasn't come without struggle.

"You know we've had some really hard times in Flint, we've had some really down years, we've struggled we've survived. I think Buckham has that same grit and fortitude that the city of Flint has," says Penning.

Michael Melet became a board member in the 90's but it wasn't until 2011, that he did his first show in the gallery.

"I never in my life thought about anybody looking at anything I did," says Melet.

But he says that's when he knew he belonged.

"I'd walk around and listen to the comments, scared to death of what I might hear because people were talking about my art without knowing I was standing right there," says Melet.

Next month, thanks to the help of the C.S. Mott Foundation, the gallery will move to a new home. and when we asked Melet the main reason for the move, he and Penning agreed, there's 24 of them.

"We have a long flight of stairs up to the second floor. It's always been an issue, there's a lot of people that would like to come visit the gallery that the stairs just prevent them from visiting," says Penning.

As they gear up for the move, although the new space breeds new light and opportunity, they won't forget where it all started.

"We're closing out 34 and a half years in this venue, were leaving behind a lot of history but were taking our roots with us," says Penning.

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