Flint’s North End Soup Kitchen hosts comedy and karaoke cabaret

The Flint North End Soup Kitchen turns into a Karaoke and Comedy club for one night, and one night only. (Photo Credit: Drew Moore/WSMH)

It was a post-holiday treat for hundreds of people who live on Flint’s north side on Wednesday night. The north end soup kitchen, which usually hosts hundreds of people for meals, had something different on the menu. Comedians from the area, along with a karaoke host, entertained people for the evening during the Comedy and Karaoke Cabaret night. Organizer Christen Wolosonowich says she and her associate, Dr. Letitia, wanted to do something to uplift the community.

“We provided a safe place to stay, warmth, and great food. We wanted to give people a night of entertainment and fellowship. A chance to get away from the water crisis, and the cold, for a night,” Wolosonowich says.

Professional boxer, and Flint native, Anthony Dirrell was also in town for the event. He says it’s nice to get people in the community together.

“We’re Flint and we’re strong. That’s what this is about. Us sticking together and being a part of something greater later on,” Dirrell says.

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