Flu cases on the rise in Mid-Michigan and across the country

Flu cases on the rise

SAGINAW, Mich. --Flu cases here in Mid-Michigan and across the country are on the rise.

According to the Centers for Disease Control our state has been designated as now having "widespread" flu problems.

"We are hitting the widespread flu like the rest of the nation now," says Dr. Deibel.

Dr. Matthew Diebel, Medical Director of Covenant's Emergency Care Center in Saginaw says over the last week he's seen a big spike in the number of influenza cases coming through the hospital.

"We're still kind of early we think in our current spike so for being early, yes we seem to be a little worse than normal," says Dr. Deibel.

According to the CDC, Michigan is one of the 49 states currently experiencing widespread flu. Dr. Diebel says although we don't have it the worst, he's concerned.

"When I hear the stories around the rest of the nation I do think we're going to continue to get worse."

He says although people have heard that the vaccine is only about 30 percent effective, that protection makes a difference and it's not too late to get it.

"You may say well it's not a guaranteed thing, no its not but we find even if you get the flu and you had a flu shot, we find its less severe, you're less likely to be hospitalized, less likely to be in the ICU and less likely to die from it."

Beaumont Hospital says it has restricted visitors at it's metro Detroit locations in light of this recent spike.

Dr. Deibel says while that's not the case at Covenant, one group should stay clear.

"All the time we want to restrict anyone that's sick from coming into the hospital from visiting others, we just want to minimize the spreading of any kind of illness."

Deibel says he expects the number of flu cases to continue to rise over the next few weeks so people should remember to constantly wash their hands and sanitize common spaces.

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