Flu season could be bad, flu shots encouraged

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New concerns tonight over the flu vaccine. The Centers for Disease Control is predicting a severe flu season but there's questions surrounding how effective this year's vaccine is.

Predictions for our flu season are based on what happens in the Southern Hemisphere. The CDC reports that this year in Australia, the number of flu cases almost doubled compared to last year. That has health officials here worried that this season could be bad for us too

Reports from Australia are showing that the vaccine was only 10% effective this year.

That's led many people to question if they should even get a flu shot.

Michelle Baker, clinical specialist at Meijer and she says despite what happened in Australia, things could be different here and if the season turns out to be as bad as predicted having some protection is better than none.

"It is based off of how the actual vaccine was made and now that the match might not be quite as appropriate or might not be as effective against that certain strain of flu but the CDC recommends everybody gets protected by vaccination because that's your best defense so you can gain some immunity from getting the flu shot still even if it is only ten percent effective," says Baker

Since the flu vaccine is changes from year to year, health officials say you need to get vaccinated every year to be protected.

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