Flushing Township homeowner puts up sign some call racist

    Photo: Ben La Londe

    A Flushing Township man says he was so upset some people stole his Donald Trump signs, he put up another sign that some consider racist.

    The homeowner, who would only give us his first name, Bryan, says 4 of his Trump signs were stolen from his Coldwater Road home. So he put up a sign that reads " Make the Township White Again".

    He says it's a take-off on Trumps slogan "Make America Great Again.

    Bryan claims township police officers tried to take it, and several residents stopped by to voice their displeasure with its racial overtones.

    A township resident, who's also on the planning commission says the sign is racist and perhaps illegal.

    Donn Hinds confronted Bryan at Bryan's home, questioning why he would put it up.

    Hinds says it goes too far.

    Bryan says "It was just a joke because Donald Trump says Make America great again. All it said was make the Township White again."

    "Can You understand how some people might think that's racist?"

    "No, I think it's funny."

    Hinds says "No, I didn't laugh. I think it's offensive and it hurts our community and it's in everybody's worst interests."

    "What were you trying to say?"

    "No, there's just a lot of welfare people living here now, white and black. And it's ruining everyone's housing values."

    Hinds says "Do you think this is going to be the answer to your problems here? You can ask me to leave if you want, I'm not..." "No, the point is, it was meant to piss whoever stole my trump signs off. No one's got a sense of humor anymore."

    "It's just a racist, stupid statement."

    "They told me it was ticking off a lot of people, And I said well, I don't care. I go, They steal my Trump signs and that ticks me off."

    "They may just be little ordinances, but there were laws broken and you know, I'm here because I'm concerned and because I'm on the planning commission."

    "Are you a democrat?"

    "Are you an idiot?"

    "Are you a democrat?"

    "Doesn't matter, does it?"

    While Bryan has taken it down for now, he says he plans to put it up again next weekend.

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