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Former Flint Emergency Manager Darnell Earley: Switch to Flint River local decision

File photo of Darnell Early / Photographer: Matt Tysick/NBC25

In an interview by WDIV today of former Flint Emergency Manager Darnell Early, he reiterated that it was a local decision to switch to Flint River water and that it was not his decision.

Yet, on November 18 of 2013, Earley signed the order to switch the water supply to the Flint River. No elected official signed this document.

The order authorizes the city to spend up to $1,133,800 on the switch to the Flint River.

As the state-appointed Emergency Manager, Earley had near-total control over the operation of the city at the time.

The Flint City Council did vote 7 -1 on March 25 of 2013 to move away from Detroit water and over to the KWA pipeline once construction of that pipeline was complete.

According to a report at the time from MLive, the one dissenting vote came from a council member who wanted the city to move to Flint River water.

The KWA will take its water from Lake Huron.

A previous Emergency Manager, Ed Kurtz, signed the order to study the possibility of moving to the Flint River as a water source.

It was Earley who ultimately signed the order to move to the Flint River.

Currently, Earley is the Emergency Manager of the Detroit Public Schools.

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