Frankenmuth Schools launches new bus safety campaign

    Frankenmuth Schools launches new bus safety campaign

    Frankenmuth Schools is raising awareness to school bus and crossing guard safety.

    This after several incidents across the country with kids getting hurt on their way to the classroom.

    It's a scene that's becoming all too common.

    A stopped school bus, red lights flashing, when vehicles speed past.

    “Almost every day someone will pass through our red lights,” said Mike Mcmeans.

    While this video was captured in Grand Blanc Township, bus drivers across mid-Michigan, and the country, say it's a growing problem.

    Frankenmuth school bus driver Mike Mcmans says something needs to change.

    “I think most people don't realize they have to stop for a school bus and a red light,” he said.

    Now Frankenmuth Schools is launching a new bus safety campaign.

    It comes about a month after a truck hit school crossing guard Kristy Haskell on the job.

    “Like what are you thinking I had you stopped and you were now next to me,” Kristy said.

    Haskell's ok. She's now speaking out about safety from the time kids get on the bus to the classroom.

    And she has an important message for drivers.

    “Be aware of your surroundings stop using the cell phones slow down in the School zones when you see a bus light come on stop they're going to,’ Haskell said.

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