Frankenmuth teachers help students learn with new approach

Frankenmuth teachers help students learn with new approach

A pair of second grade teachers at Lorenz C. List School in Frankenmuth are trying to change the game for education.

They're known as the Two Sassy Apples, and they focus on making their classrooms places students don't want to leave.

“They may be little but they have a whole lot of power inside,” said Julie Leach.

When you walk into these classrooms in Frankenmuth you'll see focused second grade students quietly working together. It's all thanks to team teachers Julie Leach and Tosha Miller.

“We believe in collaboration for our students and for ourselves we've been able to do so much more because we collaborate we take the team approach to a lot of projects,” Julie said.

They take a new approach in teaching, making the students the experts in their lessons.

“They get to pick the topic that matters to them. When we do reading it's their choice of what they want to read,” Julie said.

They've noticed their style gets results.

“We've found the kids go to such higher levels the kids know they can be the expert and solve their own problems. We aren't even assigning homework so to speak but they want to research and come back and show us all they learned,” Tosha said.

Right now the Two Sassy Apples don't just help their students, but other teachers across the world. The pair helps them come up with ways to bring the latest technology into their classrooms by looking at different options for donations and funding.

“The excitement coming through her writing via Facebook how excited she was bringing a Google Home into her classroom that was exciting it made me happy and I'm not even the one getting the free device,” Tosha said.

The Two Sassy Apples say they use grants and community partners to fund the technology in their classrooms.

It's all to help their students see what's next.

“Think about goals and think about what career they might want to go into so they know how second grade matters how they can go into their career someday,” Julie said.

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