Gas prices continue to drop in Houghton Lake

Pic Courtesy: Bethany Bartlett via

GasBuddy is reporting several stations in Houghton Lake, Michigan with gas prices under $1.

GasBuddy said, "It appears these stations are currently the first stations in the country to see prices under $1 per gallon in years. As the situation unfolds, it's possible these stations re-raise prices back over $1/gallon."

Patrick DeHann reported seeing prices as low as $.47 a gallon Sunday January 17, 2016.

NBC 25's Dave Bondy talked to someone who is in Houghton Lake and says police are directing traffic. We are told this appears to be a "gas war" between several gas stations in Houghton Lake.

GasBuddy says, prices were verified by GasBuddy after a review of photographs uploaded to GasBuddy's app.

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