Gas tops $3, experts say it may get worse

Gas prices top $3 per gallon.

MT. MORRIS TOWNSHIP, Mich. -- Just as the temperatures are getting warmer, gas prices are going up.

According to AAA, the national average is $2.87 but Michigan drivers seeing over $3 per gallon.

"The gas prices suck," says Linda Pescinska. She just drove back to Flint from Indiana. "Over $3 a gallon is too much. Over $2 a gallon is too much I think but that’s just me."

Experts say there are numerous reasons for the price increase including turmoil in Venezuela and the Middle East, oil prices per barrel being the highest since 2014, a strong US economy, the switch to the more expensive summer blend of gas, and increasing demand for fuel as we head into these warm months.

"It’s not just higher for Memorial Day or July 4th," says Patrick DeHaan, the head of petroleum analysis at Gas Buddy. "It’s higher for the entire summer. When you see a period of high demand you’re going to tend to see prices go up approaching that peak consumption time of year."

Now Pescinska is thinking twice about her summer travel plans.

"I’ve got a motor home I’d love to take out but I can’t afford the gas prices and it’s just it’s crazy but what do you do," says Pescinska.

While there may be some groans at the gas pump, others are trying to make the best of the situation.

"You keep an eye out for cheaper fuel but in the end it doesn’t matter," says Jeff Louden from Rochester Hills. "They have us. We have cars that burn fuel or diesel and we have to fill up and go."

Experts at Gas Buddy doubt we will see anything near record prices this summer.

"I think it’s still possible we could see prices peak in the weeks," says DeHaan. "It will be a little more painful than the past few years but it will not return to those very painful years of 2011-2014."

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