Getting help for seasonal depression

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If you feel a little down right now, you're not alone.

Millions of Americans are suffering from what's called, seasonal depression, or seasonal affective disorder.

It's a lot more serious than the winter blues.

Here are some of the symptoms to look out for.

Feeling tired or fatigued, having a change in mood, an increased appetite, especially carbs and the most serious symptom, is having suicidal thoughts.

People 18 to 30 years old are most likely to suffer depression, with a seasonal pattern.

This is different than the winter blues, that you may experience when things happen, like losing a loved one during the holidays.

But a local psychologist says there is treatment out there.

"In addition to medicine, we recommend photo light therapy which is best in the morning to give you that extra boost what we’re seeing is that the decrease in light you don’t have the same production of serotonin and melatonin your biological clock is out of rhythm,” said McLaren clinical psychologist Dr. Nicole Hamilton.

Dr. Hamilton suggests we all should embrace the winter for overall wellness.

Try snowboarding, skiing or hunting to get you outdoors and having fun.

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