Good Samaritan Rescue Mission needs help replacing heat pipes

Good Samaritan Rescue Mission of Bay City

The only rescue mission in Bay City needs some help of its own.

The Good Samaritan Rescue Mission's heating and cooling pipes have deteriorated and are at risk of bursting.

"We are up against an urgent need," says Craig Laszlo.

The mission is known to be a place people go when they have nowhere else to keep warm.

But now they're the ones who need help providing heat to those in need.

"We have pipes that are a part of a building that was built in the 1950's, they need to be replaced because they are in such dire condition," says Laszlo.

Craig Laszlo, Director of Operations at the Good Samaritan Rescue Mission says the pipes are in a critical stage of corrosion.

"They could actually rupture at any point in time," says Laszlo

He says replacing the pipes now is a must because it's the time of the year where they see the most guests, averaging 86 people a night, and many of those people have nowhere to go.

"We could be shut down easily two to four weeks from shelter care simply because we don't have the heat going through the piping".

It's an expensive project and right now the mission is struggling to reach their goal.

"The project scope is $158,000 in all, we don't even have up to $30,000 yet".

They've started fixing the pipes with the money they've raised so far but they have a long way to go.

"We are in process so a bit of a leap of faith you can say trusting that the lord will keep the pipes in tact while we're working on it"

While they're working on it, they're hoping the season of giving will help additional funds to flow in.

"Were off to a good start but much more to go so there is a urgent call for people to donate"

If you'd like to help the Good Samaritan Rescue Mission, you can visit their website here.

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