GoodBoy Clothing opens first store in downtown Flint

GoodBoy Clothing opens new retail store front on Saginaw Street in Flint. (Photo Credit; Drew Moore/WSMH)

GoodBoy Clothing started in 2014 when founder Oaklin Mixon wanted to come up with a company that not only could be successful, but also help the community.

Three years later the hats, shirts, and clothes will now be sold from a brand new redesigned store front at 522 South Saginaw in Flint.

Mixon says he’s looking forward to a bright future.

“I think fashion can influence culture. We are doing the sewing and production out of this space. We’re hoping to create more jobs, expanding, and one day open up other locations,” Mixon says.

The shop is open Tuesday through Saturday. To see their clothing line, or when they are open, click here.

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