Gov. Snyder promising 'action steps' in Flint water crisis

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder

Gov. Rick Snyder is pledging to take action this week or next in response to lead turning up in Flint's water.

Snyder told reporters Tuesday that lead is a "serious issue." He says a "large team" is working with Flint officials, and he'll soon announce "public action steps."

Flint's water is leaching lead from old pipes as it flows into homes. Water from the Flint River is treated but it still has some corrosive features.

Doctors last week urged the city to stop using river water, especially after blood tests revealed high levels of lead in children. Flint is using the Flint River until a pipeline to Lake Huron is ready next year.

Critics want Flint to reconnect to Detroit's system, but the Snyder administration so far has rejected it.

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