Grand Blanc mom shares story of adversity, asks for Christmas help

GRAND BLANC, Mich. - A Grand Blanc mom with a rare autoimmune disease can't afford to buy her kids Christmas presents.

But the family isn't letting that stop them from celebrating the true meaning of Christmas.

Angela Lofton has Neuromylitis Optica.

It's similar to MS, and attacked her spinal cord around this time back in 2011.

Now she can't walk, is on disability, and can't afford presents for her three kids.

But Angela says it's nothing more than another life lesson.

By now Angela Lofton is used to change, a painful lesson Neuromylitis Optica forced her to learn six years ago. Angela was a working mom, until one day she woke up and couldn't walk.

“I was paralyzed from the neck down and that's where my new life began. I had to learn how to walk again my goal at one point was to put mascara on,” she said.

Now her life is filled with pain, chronic fatigue…

“It's not that bad though,” she said.

And rounds of chemo every six months.

“I mean who can say you've been paralyzed from the neck down and you still have a life with your kids,” she said.

Angela's three kids help navigate the twists and turns of her new life.

“They've been my inspiration just you can't stop when you have these little guys,” she said.

Now Angela's on disability, and this year her family won't have presents under the tree.

“We had to get a new car and they kind of knew that was part of not having too much of a Christmas because mom doesn't have it this year but they deserve it,” Angela said.

Even though Angela's family won't have gifts to open Christmas morning, they'll still have the joy

“It's all about family,” Angela said.

Money can't buy.

“Just getting together and enjoying the people you love,” she said.

If you want to help Angela's family, you can drop off presents and donations to Food Castle at 10293 Dixie Hwy, Holly MI 48442.

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