Greenhill Apartments fire victims: where are they now?

Months following the fire at Greenhill Apartments, residents like Lee Ann Riddle are still working to rebuild their lives. (Photo credit: Jesse Gonzales)

It has been more than three months since the fire on the eighth floor of the Greenhill Apartments in Midland.

Even so, it has had a lasting impact on the 170 residents who lived there.

All of them are still forced to find other living situations and a number of them continue to face daily challenges, including resident Lee Ann Riddle.

She has boxes and boxes stacked up in her new apartment.

It took months for her to finally find a place to move into temporarily, until she is able to return to her home at Greenhill.

"If you love a... if there's a place you call home, you're gonna go back home," Riddle said.

Since the fire, Lee Ann said she's faced one obstacle after another.

From living in a motel for more than 2 months without a kitchen to losing her bed to smoke damage, she's had a tough time.

She also said some of her things were lost during the moving process.

"I had expensive pearls and a necklace that had a pearl in it," she said. "That's gone."

While she thinks the moving company and Altman Management, who owns the Greenhill Apartment building, could have done better, she said she is grateful for those who went above and beyond to help her.

"I really appreciate it and I really thank my sister for helping me and the Red Cross," she said. "If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't have anything."

NBC25/ FOX66 News reached out to the moving company, Zolman Restoration's management, about the lost items and have yet to hear back.

Lee Ann said Altman Management told her she shouldn't expect to be able to move back to Greenhill until the fall of 2018.

Until then, she said she is going to do her best to make Mulberry Lanes feel like home.

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