Group hauls piano to Mackinac Island to raise funds for Flint after school program

Joybox 1.PNG

FLINT, Mich. -Transporting a 385 pound piano on a tricycle built for three from Flint to Mackinac Island is the goal for one internationally-renowned musician.

Friday morning, Mark "Mr. B" Braun and the Joybox Express started their adventure from Flint to Saint Ignace, where the piano will board a small barge.

From there Braun, Jim Dreyer, a world record holding swimming and seven other volunteers will tie the barge to their ankles and tow the piano to Mackinac Island.

This is all to raise money for and spread awareness about YouthQuest's after school program.

If you would like to help the group out, click here.

The group hopes to have the piano to its destination in about 4 days.

You can keep tabs on their journey by following them on Twitter and Instagram.

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